Talent Indicator

Discover the potential in your workforce

Attracting, retaining and developing the right talent can help secure long-term success for any organisation, big or small. In fact, [identifying] undiscovered potential in your existing workforce is often more successful and cost effective than recruiting externally.

With Talent Indicator you can:


Assess an individual’s potential to succeed in a more complex role

Identify untapped or future talent within your organisation

Find and develop future leaders

Using a comprehensive online feedback questionnaire, Talent Indicator gathers ‘candidate specific’ opinions from selected senior colleagues - collating the responses into an overall talent score for each participant.

It is scientific, highly accurate and easily integrated into your existing performance assessment programme. Identifying potential has never been easier.

In Brief

Scientifically-grounded talent development assessments based on psychometric expertise

Identify talents earlier in their careers to support development

Assess the long term potential of new recruits

Focused online questionnaire for quick and easy assessments

Comprehensive reporting via Cubiks Online

Culturally sensitive, local language support for global organisations